Hello! My name is Nick Martens. Welcome to my personal home page and blog! This page is completely dedicated to myself. If you would like to get to know me, please go ahead and read about me.

Who am I?

I am a very passionate Android developer. I like the Google Cloud Platform and a lot of Googly things. In my personal life I like cooking, playing with our dog Ginger and mostly, enjoying life with my wonderful partner, Marianne.

Professionally I am an Android developer and I work at Mirabeau in The Netherlands. I develop Android applications for our clients and I try to help my colleagues becoming better developers through our craftsmanship programme.

I like to share my knowledge with people and that is the exact reason I created this website and blog. I try to talk about Android on small conferences and hope to teach them a thing or two. Same for my blog. I try to share my knowledge and experience with those who like to learn.

What do I write about?

On this blog I will write about anything I like, it is completely mine :). Most of the time I will write about technologies I have been working with, new things I have learned and things I think everybody should know about Android.